One of the main activities of the Sumy State University Academic and research institute of law is the development of all types of international cooperation, preparation of students for professional activity at the level of world standards. International activities are aimed at securing integration into the international university community, gaining the NDI the right of additional opportunities for accelerated development within the Bologna Process and European integration.

The fulfillment of relevant tasks in the educational process consists in:

application of the experience of leading foreign in determining specialization, selective courses, organization of educational process;
coverage of socio-political, legal, historical and other problems taking into account world experience in the context of Ukraine’s relations with other countries;
advanced study of foreign languages, providing students and teachers with the skills of formal business, professional communication, which makes the English language compulsory;
involvement of foreign specialists on the basis of short-term and long-term cooperation programs on interstate programs, agreements;
teaching of subjects in foreign languages;
ensuring the implementation of short- and long-term internship programs for students abroad;
introduction of new learning technologies recognized both in Ukraine and abroad: intensive methods of teaching foreign languages, module-rating system of intermediate and final control and assessment of knowledge, various types of testing, unformalized, nowadays popular methods of conducting seminars in the world round tables, colloquiums, brainstorming and more.
The curricula of theoretical courses are drawn up taking into account the aspect of Ukraine’s international contacts, both historically and in terms of the current state of international relations.

Currently, the NNI Law has concluded cooperation agreements with the Baranovichi State University (Republic of Belarus), the Institute of Law and Economics of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University. Abaya (Kazakhstan) Loranda Etves (Hungary).

The most productive form of improving foreign language skills and preparation for professional activity are internships for students, graduate students, and teachers abroad. Senior Lecturer of SMP Department, Candidate of Science in Economics Chernadchuk OV In 2014 he completed an internship in Rochester District Court (NY), lecturer of AGPFEB department Ivanenko DD. From September 2014 to June 2015. Trained under the Erasmus Mundus Academic Mobility Program at the University of Cologne (Germany).

Postgraduate student and II, III year law students studied under the academic mobility program at the University of Foggia (Italy). Every year, postgraduate students of the Institute of Law take internships at the universities of Poland, Greece, Hungary, Sweden, and Solovachna.

Currently, the Double Diplomas program is being implemented between SSI Law of SSU and the Law Faculty of Varna Free University. Blackhorn Brave, Bulgaria.

A productive form of enrichment of the educational process for legal professionals is the holding of the annual International Scientific and Practical Conference on the basis of the NNI Law of Sumy State University.

In the context of maintaining international relations, considerable attention is paid to the organization of joint research institutions with international educational institutions. The realization of the international orientation of scientific work takes place at both substantive and organizational levels and consists in:

in defining the subject matter of students’ scientific work as one that takes into account international aspects;
involvement of foreign scientists and students in participation in traditional scientific conferences of the National Science Institute;
in the organization of departments of conferences, lectures with the participation of foreign experts (course of lectures of associate professor of the department of criminal and legal disciplines BarUU, PhD Andriyashko MV);
in intensifying participation in foreign scientific conferences of the teaching staff of the Institute of Law of SSU;
with proposals for such international science programs as Horizon 2020, USAID Justice, and more.
Scientific cooperation between scholars and teachers is being actively pursued with the University of Warsaw (Poland), the University of Helsinki (Finland), the University of Turin (Italy), the University of Oslo (Norway), the Paneupopian University (Bratislava), the University of Leeds (Great Britain), Varnen them. Of Blackhorn Brave, (Bulgaria).

Professors and associate professors of the Institute of Law are involved in the development of international cooperation programs.

An extremely important component of the work of the NNI Law is the education of future specialists in understanding the multicultural nature of the human community, tolerance of one another, a sense of respect for traditions, history of other peoples, instilling in students the skills of communication in accordance with the rules of international protocol and etiquette as in official, domestic situations.

Work is underway to prepare and execute, together with foreign partners, programs with mandatory implementation of the results of collaboration in