Student Self-government

Student self-government guarantees the protection of people`s rights and interests who are studying in higher education establishments and their participation in higher education establishment`s management. The main areas of university activities in which students take part are:

  • Educational work
  • Scientific work


  • Cultural and educational work
  • Sports and entertainment
  • The scope of student`s life and leisure
  • Informational work and so on.
Student`s dean office consists of:

Valeriya  Dubova

Student`s dean of the Law department, 3th year student


Anastasiya  Parhomenko

Secretary of the student`s dean of  LD, 3th year student


Kulesh Anastasia

The deputy student's dean on adaptation and professional orientation work


Denys  Solonina

Assistant of student`s dean over the social work, 5th year student


Artur  Melnyk

Assistant of student`s dean over the cultural and sport and entertainment work, 3th year student

The main tasks of OSS of Law department:

  • Guarantee and protection of student`s rights and interests, especially according to the organization of teaching and learning activities
  • Guarantee of the student`s completion of the duties
  • Help in educational, scientific and creative student activities by means of scientific, cultural, sport and entertainment, health and other actions organization
  • Help for creating the necessary life and rest conditions for students
  • Help in job placement of the students and attraction them to the secondary employment during their free time
  • Organization of the cooperation with the students of other educational establishments, youth organizations, public and self-governing authorities
  • Propaganda of the health lifestyle, safe behaviour, prevention of making offences by students
  • Help in student`s participation in realization of the state youth policy
  • Creation and organization of different students societies, communities, associations, membership clubs
  • Participation in deciding the issues of international student exchange.