Trade Union

Student`s Trade Union organization of SSU is a public student organization of university, on order that is representation, realization and protection of educational, social and economic rights and interests of its members.  


Student entrance to the Trade Union is carrying out on voluntary principles, without any national restriction, race belonging, sex, party membership or religious persuasions.

SSU student Trade union is exactly the organization which are created for the manifold support of student. A great attention is paid to the help in educational, scientific  and creative activity of students, because if you have a talent in doing something – you need to develop your skills.

Student Trade Union committee actively protects students, give them a material assistance due to illness, marriage, childbirth. Students of privileged categories aren`t also unattended:there are a gifts for holidays and material assistance if difficulties happen.

Also the accent is made on the improvement of its member`s health and rest, participation in physical culture development, sport and tourism. So, Trade Union helps students to improve health in SSU sanatorium-preventorium, organizes excursions through the Ukrainian cities, winter sanitation on ski resort SHE «Varsity», recreation in Carpathians , Bulgaria by reduced prices and discounts for the Trade union members.

For what Trade Union exist:
  • Trade Union represents and protects Your rights and interests on the all levels
  • Trade Union controls setting to student hostels
  • Without the Trade Union consent you can`t be moved from the hostel
  • Trade Union helps to get all kinds of material assistance and bonuses
  • In Trade Union you will get to know about your rights and learn how to defend them
  • Thanks to Trade Union You have a possibility to improve your health in sanatoria, dispensaries and other Ukrainian health resorts
  • Trade Union realizes social protection of students of privileged categories
  • Trade Union controls food services at university
  • Trade Union carries out sport, cultural and entertainment actions, contests for the best group, best hostel room and so on
  • Without the Trade Union consent You can`t be expelled from the university
  • In Trade Union you can find an information concerning the job placement on the holiday-term
  • In Trade Union You can draw up a student membership card «ISIC», purchase cinema tickets by reduced prices, get information concerning the participation in «WorkAndTravelUSA»

SSU Trade Union bureau of Law department is a union of young, creative, enthusiastic and joyous people who work indefatigably for the good of their faculty, every day our team tries to make the life of our department more interesting, and studying weekdays more jovial and different.

As part of the SSU Trade Union of students there is a Trade Union bureau of Law department, which defends the rights and interests of the students of our department and realizes its activity about different assistances and supporting of our students.

Stuff of the Trade Union bureau of Law department

Sofiya Vystoropska

U-13 The head of Trade Union bureau of LD

Public control committee


Lubov Donets`

U-32  Job placement committee


Anna Digtyar

U-24  Housing and life committee


Nadiya Andriychenko

U-13 Student`s social protection committee


Vladyslava Lyashenko

U-12  Mass organized committee


Igor Turchyn

U-21 Cultural and Sport committee

The whole Trade Union bureau activity of the department is aimed at teamwork of the group`s trade union organizers. Trade union organizer is a connecting-link between every student of the department and Trade Union bureau. Appeal to your trade union organizer if you have any question, it is always the first step in its deciding.

Trade Union activists of the Law department is a friendly team which is always openand ready to help and support everyone!

Student`s Trade Union – the main building cab.M-404, telephone number 33-33-17

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