«About association of graduating students of Faculty of Law of Sumy State University»

    • Association of graduating students of Faculty of Law of Sumy State University, then «Association», is a voluntary unwarranted formation, which is created for joint aims achievement and realization of common interests determined by these Regulations.
    • Association forms among graduating students of Faculty of Law of Sumy State University. It may also contain public officials of SSU, honorary and collective members.
    • Association of graduating students is free from interference of political parties, public or religious organizations.
    • On the basic of these Approximate regulations in the function of separate General Faculty Association centers may be created Associations of graduating students of graduating department(specialities) which are given in accordance with appropriate regulations which are proved by department and Board of studies decision.


  • The main aim of Association activity is:
  • assistance in realization of educational, scientific, social and economic and production areas of SSU development;
  • creation conditions for educational, scientific, cultural and professional communication of graduating students, students and lecturers of Faculty of Law of SSU.
  • Association activity derected to the deciding these main tasks:
  • assistance in increasing the prestige of Faculty of Law of SSU;
  • assistance in professional growth of graduationg students of Faculty of Law of SSU, creation conditions for their more complete personal fulfillment in scientific, professional, educational, cultural and other kinds of activities;
  • information exchange between graduating students and public officials of Faculty of Law of SSU.
  • For deciding previously mentioned issues in accordance with the valid legislation, Association realizes such kinds of activities as:
  • keeping information database of graduating students of Faculty of Law of SSU, ensuring the contacts with graduates, carrying out of different polls, questionings, interlocutions etc. in accordance with the law in order to extend their knowledge about the faculty;
  • organization of cultural communication and/or rest of graduates of Faculty of Law of SSU, establishment and maintaining links between the Association members, including assignments of mutual support and aid;
  • actions accomplishment according to the enlisting  graduates of Faculty of Law of SSU to voluntary participation in realization of projects and development plans of SSU;
  • organization of professional and social adaptation, assistance in job placement of young specialists – graduates of Faculty of Law of SSU, attraction students on work experience and practice;
  • assistance in projects resourse supply of educational, scientific and pertaining to the humanities direction;
  • assistance in development of effective forms of increasing professional qualification of SSU Association members and in other educational establishments of Ukraine and abroad;
  • funds search including grants, beneficial and purpose-oriented facilities and property, which are given on a cost-free basis for Ukrainian and foreign charitable organizations and citizens for realization activity that foresees by the Association Regulations;
  • experience exchange with other orgnizations of graduates, public organizations including abroad ones.
  • Association have a right to give to Faculties(Institutions) Boards of Studies offers concerning the improvement of curriculum  and improvement of working educational plans of concrete disciplines in specialist training in appropriate areas.
    • Association membership may be personal and collective.
    • Association honorary members may be persons who were graduates of another educational establishment, but give all-round material, informational and other aid in engagement of Association and university.
    • Association collective members may be institutions, enterprises, organizations collectives which are customers staff – SSU graduates, and which assist in deciding the main tasks of Association activity determined by these Regulations.
    • Association collective and honorary members may be also a part of some associations of structural university subdivisions.
    • Membership in Association gains on voluntary princeples in accordance with personal application or registration an appropriate organization or institution letter on the official internet-page of Association of Faculty of Law.
    • Association members carry out the functions which are assigned on them on unrequited and supernumerary basis.
    • Association Governing body of graduates is Executive Board which includes the head and coordinators of Association for the various Association activities in accordance to p. 2.3 of these Regulations. Association Executive Board elects at constituent assembly.
    • The Association head may be a SSU employee who is appointed by the way of association member`s open voting by the majority of votes. Proposals concerning the nominate pretenders to holding office of the Association head may be initiated as on the part of SSU Faculty of Law administration as on the part of Association members.
    • Subjection hierarchy and functional distribution in Association of graduates form by the decision of Asociation presidium.
    • For the security of Association activity by SSU administration may be provided rooms, informational support with using official university sites and created other necessary conditions for its effective activity. Technical assistance and organization activity support is realized by university practice department and integration relations with customers staff.


  • This Approximate regulation enters into force from the moment of its ratification.
  • Final editing of Regulation proves at Association constituent assembly. Changes and additions in Regulations may be introduced by the decision of general meeting or Association presidium.