Department of Criminal Law and Procedure


Department of Criminal Law and Procedure

History of the Department

The  section of jurisprudence was formed on 9th of January, 1997, pursuant to the order No. 179-1 on the base of the Department of Political Science, Sociology and Law of the Faculty of Humanities of Sumy State Univesity.

During the functioning of the section its heads were: V.M/ Tertyshnyk (31.08.1997 – 31.08.1998), V.V. Hrinchenko (01.09.1998 – 02.07.2000), Ju.P. Sinchenko (02.07.2000 – 14.09.2005).

On 15th of September, 2005, pursuant to the order No. 334-1 the department of law was established through reorganization of the section of law. The department of law was headed by Kulish Anatoly Mykolayovych.

On 20th of September, 2010 the Faculty of Law of Sumy State University was formed, by removing from the Faculty of Humanities. The Department of Law was headed by Burbyka Mykhaylo Mykhaylovych.

In 2014 on the base of the Department of Law it was formed the Department of Criminal-legal Disciplines and Procedure headed by Pahomov Volodymyr Vasylovych. An establishment of the department was due to the necessity of training of highly qualified personnel in the area justice and international law owing to staff and infrastructural potential of Sumy State Unuversity.

In 2016, because of the formation of Educational-scientific institute of law of SSU the department of justice and international law was renamed into the Department of criminal legal disciplines and procedure.

The department is a part of the Educational-scientific institute of law of SSU , and carries out preparation on specialties ”Law”, ”The financial and economic security”, ”Intellectual Property” by educational levels of bachelor, specialist and master at intramural and extramural forms of education.

The goal of the Department is to meet the increasing demand of Ukrainian society to prepare the highly qualified specialists in the sphere of modern procedure and international law, finance and economic security of business entities who have theoretical knowledge and practical skills to apply them effectively in the daily work.


The Department is headed by Doctor of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor Pahomov Volodymyr Vasylovych.

The staff of the Department: Doctor of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor Viktor Volodymyrovych  Suhonos; Doctor of Legal Sciences Yuriy Vitaliovych Garust; Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor Petro Mykhailovych Malanchuk;  Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor Alyona Mykolaivna Klochko;  Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor Svitlana Volodymyrivna Shcherbak; Candidate of Legal Sciences Olexandr Vasylovych Ilchenko;  Candidate of Legal Sciences Olexander Viktorovich Chernadchuk; Candidate of Legal Sciences Victoria Sergiivna Shapiro; lecturer Janishewska Kateryna Dmytrivna; the Leading Expert Natalia Feliksivna Zakabluk; the Specialist of the IInd category Olena Borysivna Kovinko.


Scientific and research activity

The scientific work of the department is based on complex scientific theme ”The organization and principles of activity of judiciary in Ukraine: the essence, the concept, the current state and ways of administrative law principles organization of  a positive image modeling”. The scientific developments are carried out in the frames of the topic mentioned above. The results of the research are reflected in the textbooks, scientific papers and dissertations.

 Scientific articles of the staff  of the department are published on the pages of prestigious national and foreign professional editions, including those, accounted by database Scopus. The subject of publications mostly focus on the most urgent issues of modern jurisprudence.

Legal Clinic

Legal clinic of SSU was created as a base for practical learning and training practice of students of senior courses of the specialty “Jurisprudence”, integrated in the educational process and carries out work on the basis of current legislation of Ukraine, Charter of SSU and The provisions on the legal clinic of SSU. Legal clinic is a structural unit of Sumy State University,

Since 2012 legal clinic is a member of Ukranian association of legal clinics.

Legal clinic closely cooperates with the UBA Students League of Ukraine since 2015. 

The basis for functioning of legal clinic is to combine the interests of the citizens who needs the legal assistance and unable to pay to a lawyer and the students interested in gaining practical knowledge that contribute to their future professional development

22 students carry out their activity in the legal clinic.  The student’s coordinator is a 5-year student Marina Pedko.

The head of legal clinic is the senior lecturer of the department of criminal-legal disciplines and procedure, candidate of legal sciences, an attorney Olexander Viktorovych Chernadchuk.

Educational Scientific Center «АNTICOR»

In June, 2016 on the base of  the department of criminal legal disciplines and procedure of Educational-scientific institute of law an educational scientific center of SSU “ANTICOR” as to cooperation to the state policy against corruption was formed.

The general management was laid to the first Vice Rector of SSU – Vasilya Danilovicha Karpushy. In order to operate and implement the professional practice of effective counteraction of corruption there was appointed the deputy head, Doctor of Law, associate professor of the department of criminal legal disciplines and procedure Yurii Vitaliyovych Harust.

The directions of activity of the research center is the development of scientific research and fight with corruption in Ukraine, as well as the cyber-security and protection of rights of Internet users in Ukranian cyberspace.

 Research and Consultation Centre of Legal Studies

Research and Consultation Centre of Legal Studies was formed in May 2015. The director of a Center was appointed  Igor Volodymyrovych Karih.

The main activity of the Research and Consultation Center is focused on representing and protecting of the rights and interests of judicial and natural persons.  The clients of a Center on various issues and problem situations have become dozens of large organizations working in Ukrainian and foreign markets in the sectors of manufacturing, trade, building, real estate, and in the financial sector.

Research and Consultation Centre of Legal Studies  is a team of highly qualified lawyers and attorneys with an extensive experience and legal practice on representing of the interests of protecting the rights of the judiciary, legal, tax and audit services of organizations, legal support of various business transactions, registration of the real estate, intellectual property rights, expert assessment of property, property rights and business in Ukraine and abroad.


Department of criminal-legal disciplines and procedure of Educational-scientific institute of law of SSU.

4000, Ukraine, Sumy, Petropavlivska Street,  40000          
Sumy State University

Building 2- 102, 103, 105, the first floor, tel.num. 665-138


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