Department was established in 1966. Initially it was called Marxism-Leninism, since 1972 – History of the Communist Party of Soviet Union, in 1993 – the department of Ukrainian study, from 2001 – the department of history, from 2014 – the department of theory and history of state and law, from 2016 – the department of constitutional law, theory and history of state and law. Throughout its existence, the department was headed by professors, doctors of sciences: Kaftaryan S., Belikova L., Osadchy Y., Sukhonos V., associated professors, candidates of sciences (PhD): Apanasenko A., Panchenko A., Vlasenko V., Nesterenko V.People’s deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine like Piskun O. (1990-1994), Mordovets L. (2005-2007) have worked on the department.

THE MANAGEMENT: Head of the Department – Doctor of Law, Professor Vladimir Sukhonos (personal page –; Head Subdepartment of history – Ph.D., Associate Professor Valery Vlasenko (personal page –; Deputy Head of Department – Candidate of Legal Sciences Tatiana Ryabchenko. KNOWN REPRESENTATIVES OF DEPARTMENT: Deputy Head of Department of Scientific Affairs – Dr. (History), Associate Professor Sergei Degtyarev (personal page –; Professor of Department – Ph.D., associate professor Anatoly Tkachenko.

In the department there are 14 professionals. Of these, three – doctors of sciences. The department includes the composition subdepartment of history, which is headed by candidate of historical sciences V. Vlasenko.

At the department there are two magazines: «Sumy Historical Archival Journal» and «Ancient Sumy Land».

TEACHING: specialty “Law”. Bachelor. Master.

The department teaches such disciplines asConstitutional Law of Ukraine, Corporative Management, Electoral Law, History of Art, History of Doctrines of State and Law, History of State and Law of Foreign Countries, History of State and Law of Ukraine, History of Ukraine, History of Ukrainian Culture, History of World Civilization, Legal deontology, Legal Management of the Administrative and Financial Responsibility, Legal Psychology,Legal the Science of Conflicts, Management Theory, Municipal Law, Paperwork and Documentation, Philosophical and Legal Principles of Freedom of Speech and Press, Philosophy of Law, Political Science, Problems of Theory of State and Law, Professional Ethics Lawyer, Science of Law, State Building and Self-Government in Ukraine, State Law of Foreign Countries, The Legal Environment of Business, The Legal State Regulation, Theory of State and Law, Ukrainian Studies.

SCIENCE: Vadim A. Nesterenko explores the theme «Occupation regime in the military zone of Ukraine in 1941-1943».Research topic of Nataliya V. Lobko – «Genealogical researches: reconstruction of family trees and family history».Valeriy M. Vlasenko studies issues of the interwar Ukrainian political emigration in South-Eastern Europe.

INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES:Valeriy M. Vlasenko actively cooperates with scientists in the field of Ukrainian studies from Serbia and Bulgaria. He has publications in foreign magazines: «RidnaMowa» (Poland), «Caietele CNSAS», «CaieteDiplomatice» (Romania), etc. Valeriy M. Vlasenko became a co-author of the monograph Romanian «Anchetat de SMERȘ: asul SSI șiliderulemigrațieiucrainene din Româniaîndosarele SBU, 1944-1947 / Editori V. Guzun, V. Vlasenko [Enquired by SMERSH: The Ace of the SSI and the Leader of Ukrainian Emigration in Romania in the SBU files, 1944-1947], Cluj-Napoca: Editura Argonaut, 2016, 730 pagini».Sergey I. Degtyarov is the official representative in Ukraine international publishing house Academic Publishing House «Researcher» (APHR) specializing in the publication of scientific journals open access with the original data in English. He is member of International Association «East European Historical Society». Sergey I. Degtyarov has an index of Hirsch – 1. Scopus Author ID: 55975410500 ( He is chief editor of the international scientific journal Sumy Historical and Archival Journal», «Gardarika», «Refereed Journal: History and Archaeology in Countries of Black Sea Basin» and «ZhurnalMinisterstvanarodnogoprosveshcheniya». Sergey I. Degtyar is a member of the editorial boards of 12 international and national scientific journals, including «Journal of Advocacy, Research and Education», «BylyeGody», «Asian Journal of Social and Human Sciences», «East European History», «Propaganda in the World and Local Conflicts», etc.

INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS AND AWARDS: 2006 Valeriy M. Vlasenko received the premium in the field of Ukrainian Studies of Fund of Shvabinskyh-Volyanyk at the Foundation of the Ukrainian Free University in New York. In 2013 Degtyarev – Winner (second place) of International Contest to the 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty by the best scientific work.



Address correspondence official: Petropavlivska str., 57. Sumy. 40030. Ukraine

Siting: Department: K1-112, first floor. Head of the Department: K1-104, first floor. Subdepartment of history: Н-304, second floor.

Tel .: Department: (0542) 66-50-74. Head of the Department: (0542) 66-50-78. Subdepartment of history: (0542) 68-77-48.

E-mail: Head of the Department: Subdepartment of history:


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