Випуск 2016!

30.06.2016 year Educational-scientific Institute of law conducted the first release of certified lawyers – bachelors and specialists. This year, diplomas were awarded to 109 students.
28 students in July-August this year will take part in a military field camp and will receive the rank of reserve officer.
Diplomas with honors received Kislova Marina and Anna Degtyar OS “bachelor” and Yurkovsky, Yuriy EQL “specialist”.
Among graduates 7 international students from Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Iraq.
In his welcome address to the graduates V. a. Director of the Institute of law Professor Kulish, A. M., I noticed that on the educational degree “bachelor” students are available 2012 admission. It was in this year for the first time licensed capacity in the specialty “Jurisprudence” C 100% occupied and as a result, the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine it has been increased to 120 people. It was also noted that the administration of the Institute hopes that bachelor graduates will continue their education to obtain a GM “specialist” or “master”.
The best students were awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts from the administration of the Institute and the student administration.
We wish the young lawyers successes in professional activities and to represent the Educational-scientific Institute of law of SSU in their future profession.