Student Scientific Activity

Scientific work is a higher level of human mentation. This activity is connected with a search the answer on creative, research task in advance with unknown decision.

SSU is a university of research model, the place of many active scientific researches, that`s why student scientific activity is a significant component of the formation of future specialist.

Scientific activity helps in:

  • Development of intellectual skills of students;
  • Activation of emotional sphere of future jurists;
  • Independent solving of scientific tasks;
  • Innovative solution of unusual tasks.
Student scientific searching groups

The basic aim of student scientific searching groups is intellectual development and opening of the student`s scientific potential. The result of student`s scientific activity is preparing of experts with a high level of specialization who are ready as for scientific and research work as for legal practice.

Principles of formation of student groups:

Student scientific searching groups are formed by one of the two principles – personal and thematic.

Personal principle foresees work of student group under the lead of one scientific supervisor who determines the key direction in scientific researches within the context of which student works are determined thematics.

Thematic principle is based on the choice of urgent scientific direction within the context of which works some department lecturers, each of them with his own thematics;students work at one problem, but each of them according to his own aspect, the leadership of scientific activity is realized under such principle by several lecturers.

Work of the group foresees:
  • Understanding of scientific searches perspective;
  • Mastery of methods of processing a large volume of regulatory and legal and scientific information;
  • Ability to control the problem in scientific extension of state and whole world;
  • Search possible variants of solving the problem.
Scientific work of the students of different studying years realizes in:
  • Thesis (1-2 studying years);
  • Articles in professional publications co-authored by scientific supervisor(2-3 studying years);
  • Competitive work on the All-Ukrainian competition of student scientific works(4-5 studying years);
  • Master`s qualification work(6 studying year) – in perspective – dissertation PhD.
During the group-works students:
  • Are attracted to the scientific researches of faculty and department;
  • Take part in scientific and communication events of different levels(All-Ukrainian and International conferences, congresses, round tables, etc);
  • Extend their knowledge of law at summer schools and seminars;
  • Are included to the executor contingent of foreign grant schemes and economical and estimated treaties. For participation in student scientific searching groups are invited students who are characterized by social maturity, scientific competence, emotional sensuality and creativity.
Individual student activity has such steps as:
  • Student interest in certain circle of legal problems(choosing of the main areas of activity);
  • Narrowing the problem of scientific search(choosing the thematic of research with the help of scientific supervisor);
  • Research specialization(gaining the competence in researching problems);
  • Development of invariant competences(scientific forming of student, forming of his scientific image).

Continuity and consecution of the forming of research competences have such components as:

Student scientific searching work(Competitive Work), master`s degree program(Master`s Qualification Work), Postgraduate study(Dissertation PhD), Project activity(Department Scientific Treatments).

For participation in student scientific searching groups are invited students who are characterized by social maturity, scientific competence, emotional sensuality and creativity.

Intellectual scientific activity is a way towards the prosperity!

© A.V. Illashenko, 2015