In order to increase effectiveness of training  of academic and teaching staff, activation of pre-postgraduate forms of student trainings, who think of entering SSU postgraduate study:

  1. Established, starting with 2006-2007 a.y., organization of the groups of scientific reserve among persons who are thinking of entering the SSU postgraduate study on the department recommendation.
  2. Determined the next arrangement of forming groups of scientific reserve:
  • the groups of scientific reserve may be contained by final-year students of diurnal mode of studying who have previous recommendation for entering post-graduate study and study on education and qualification level of «master»(on specialization which are accredited by IV accreditation level), or «specialist»(in case when specializations, which they study, are accredited only by III accreditation level);exclusions according to the enrolment of other categories of persons are received by head of the university in accordance with motivated department presentation;
  • inclusion of students in mentioned groups is realizing in accordance with personal student application which is vised by expecting scientific supervisor, by head of graduating department and is passed to appropriate deans;
  • department deans(directors of institutions) in accordance to given applications form lists of candidates for inclusion into scientific reserve groups.
  1. In order to train persons who are enlisted at the scientific reserve groups, on discipline «Philosophy» by the program of candidate examination, the first pro-rector in accordance with the number of class hours on this discipline annually till the January 10 works out the schedule of classes which foresees finishing of class hours not later than September with an obligatory essay at the request of candidate examination. The form of final examination is test with issuance of appropriate exam record.
  2. Annually till February 15 the head of educational-organizational sector develops schedule of scientific reserve groups and gives it for approval to the first pro-rector.
  3. Philosophy department provides passing of lessons with scientific reserve groups in accordance to program of candidate examination on philosophy. After passing all final actions examination record is passed to post-graduate department. The control of passing lessons and final examination relies on the pro-rector of scientific work.
  4. Pro-rector of scientific work, for the persons from the scientific reserve groups who made the grade in accordance with p.5 on discipline «Philosophy», foresees passing of candidate examination on this discipline during the current year.
  5. Annually educational-organizational sector calculates additional volumes of educational commissions of philosophy department which are connected with lessons organization in scientific reserve groups. This calculates are given to the first pro-rector confirmation.
  6. Forming of scientific reserve groups and organization of lessons passes annually(executives are first pro-rector and pro-rector of scientific work).
  7. The control by the order accomplishment «About the organization of pre-postgraduate training among the persons of scientific reserve» relies on the first pro-rector.