The department`s employees are members of editorial board and editorial staff of professional scientific periodical “Sumy historical and archival journal” (published by the department from 2005) and also members of editorial board of professional magazine “Old Sumy” (published from 1996).

The department`s employees are members of the editorial board and authors of the regional book “Rehabilitated by History” (V.Zvahelskyy) regional volume “Book of condolence of victims of Holodomor 1932-1933.” (V.M. Vlasenko, 2008), manual “Sumy in the history of Ukraine “(L.I.Byelinska, V.B.Zvahelskyy, V.A.Klimenko), monographs, “The mystical experience as an anthropological mode: synergetic approach”: synerhetycheskyy approach ” (L.V.Telizhenko, 2007),””Once I’ll return… Oleksandr Oles and Bilopilschyna” (V.M.Vlasenko), “Sergey V. Borodayevskyy: short Bibliographic Index” ( V.M.Vlasenko, O.V.Hlushan, 2010).

2009 assistant professor V.M.Vlasenko published two scientific and documental publications: “Vasyl Fylonovych. March days in Carpathian Ukraine” and “Letters of Kostya Matsievich to Simon Petlyura.”

With the participation of teachers of the department in connection with the 60th anniversary of SSU  it was prepared popular scientific publication “Sumy State University: History and Modernity: 60 years in educational field” (Sumy, 2008) (V.B.Zvahelskyy is an executive editor, editorial board member, co-author of articles; N.A.Nimenko is an associate editor and co-author of articles, S.I.Degtyarev, L.A.Fedchenko, O.V.Hlushan) and guide “Sumy State University in names: 60 years in the field of education” (Sumy, 2008) (V.B.Zvahelskyy is an executive editor, editorial board member; N.A.Nimenko is a scientific editor, editorial board member; O.V.Hlushan, S.I.Degtyarev, L.A.Fedchenko).

Department together with the Scientific Research Centre in Historic study of SSU involved in organization of the International Scientific Conference “Lay of Igor’s Warfare” and its era “, which is held every two years in Putivl.

I and II Ukrainian scientific-practical conferences “Socio-political processes in the Ukrainian lands: History, Problems and Prospects” were held On the basis of the Department in 2011-2013. Electronic versions of conference:


Collection (2011)

Collection (2013)

Teachers of the department constantly take part in international (see. Section “International Cooperation”), as well as national and regional conferences:

Scientific-practical conference devoted to the 130th anniversary of M.O.Makarenka (Romny, March 2007, V.B. Zvahelskyy, N.A.Nimenko)

VII Sumy Local History Scientific Conference (Sumy, November 2007, Sumy State Pedagogical University named after A.S. Makarenko (V.M.Vlasenko, S.I.Degtyarev, V.A.Klimenko).

“Konotop region during the national liberation war of Ukrainian people (mid – late XVII century.)” (Devoted to the 350th anniversary of Konotop battle) (Konotop, July 2008,  V.M. Vlasenko, V.B. Zvahelskyy).

“Famine in Sumy region: history in the context of contemporary point of view” (Sumy, November 2008, Sumy Regional Institute of Postgraduate Education,  V.M.Vlasenko).

IX reading of sources (Kyiv, December 2008, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, S.I Degtyarev,N.V.Lobko).

Regional Scientific Conference dedicated to the 65th anniversary of victory in World War II “The Great Patriotic War of 1941-1943: point of view of historians, documents, research engines” (Sumy, May 2010, N.A. Nesterenko)

“Social and humanitarian problems of today’s youth in Ukraine” (Sumy, 2010, V.A.Nesterenko, V.N.Vlasenko, S.I.Degtyarev, V.A.Klimenko, N.V.Lobko, V.M. Korol)

XX Scientific heraldic Conference of Ukrainian Heraldry Society (Lviv, 2011, N.V.Lobko)

XII historiographic reading (Kyiv, 2011, V.A.Nesterenko, S.I.Degtyarev, N.V.Lobko)

“Ukrainian space in modern science: humanitarian aspect” (Mykolaiv, 2011, V.A.Nesterenko,S.I.Degtyarev,  V.A.Klimenko, V.M.Korol)

“Socio-political processes in the Ukrainian lands: History, Problems and Prospects” (Sumy, 2011, V.A.Nesterenko, V.N.Vlasenko, S.I.Degtyarev, V.A.Klimenko, N.V.Lobko, V.M.Korol)

“Humanitarian foundations of modern knowledge” (Mykolaiv, 2012, V.A.Klimenko, V.M.Korol).

XIII historiographic reading (Kyiv, 2012, V.A.Nesterenko, S.I.Degtyarev, N.V.Lobko, V.M.Korol)

National Conference with international participation “Archive science and historiographic knowledge area: problems of interaction at the present stage” (Kyiv, 2013,  N.V.Lobko).

II Ukrainian scientific-practical conference “Socio-political processes in the Ukrainian lands: History, Problems and Prospects” (Sumy, 2013, V.A.Nesterenko, V.N.Vlasenko, S.I.Degtyarev, V.A.Klimenko, N.V.Lobko, V.M.Korol)

According to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine administrative order№ 1 / 9-836 from 24.12.2008, the Department of History of SSU in 2008/2009 held the second round of the All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers on the 300th anniversary of the events related to the military and political campaign of Ivan Mazepa and the Ukrainian-Swedish alliance. The purpose of the contest is an intensification of scientific work of students in the study of the problem of Ukrainian history XVIII century, encouraging them to understanding the importance of events related to the performance of Ivan Mazepa and the Ukrainian-Swedish alliance, promotion of respect for the past of their people. Final Scientific Conference was held on April 23, 2009.

Emploees of the department of history are the organizers of the literary hall in university, “face-plate”, “historic hour” dedicated to Cyril and Methodius Brotherhood, the first Russian revolution, the events of the First and Second world wars, agrarian reform of P.A.Stolypin, the Ukrainian revolution of 1917-1921, the first Ukrainian Government (1917), Ukrainian state in 1918, the Act of Unification of UPR and WUPR, famine of 1932-1933, political repression  in the 30s of XXcentury, famine of 1946-1947, The Ukrainian Helsinki Group, anniversaries of Ukrainian politicians and statesmen, artists – V. Vinnichenko, S. Wilkens, B. Lipinski, M. Makarenko, S. Timoshenko.