Research working group consisting of scientists of the Faculty of Law of Sumy State University was formed according to the Order of the dean A. Kulish to facilitate the implementation of research and innovation, increase effective project preparation and participation in the submission of proposals within the framework of Horizon 2020.

The mission of the group consists in the formation of the team involving like-minded professionals capable of critical thinking and analysis of societal and scientific problems, in general, and who aspire to ensure the development of new innovative ideas and carry out and implement fundamental and applied research.

 Management of the research working group:



Head of the group – Anatoly Kulish, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Professor, Doctor of Jurisprudence, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine. He worked as the Head of Tax Police of the State Tax Administration in the Sumy region, major general of the tax police. His research interests include:

Law enforcement system of Ukraine, assistance in the effective management and fight against corruption;

Optimization and improvement of administrative and legal mechanism for regulating the activity of state bodies, which manage the financial system of Ukraine;

Legal regulation of the financial system;

He is head of the fundamental research project on the topic: Optimization and improvement of administrative and legal mechanism for regulating the activity of state bodies, which manage the financial system of Ukraine. He is a member of the Specialized Academic Council of Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs. Research works of A. Kulish were published in many national and international scientific journals.



Coordinator – Yuri Harust Associate Professor of the Department of Administrative, Commercial Law and Financial and Economic Security, Doctor of Jurisprudence. He worked in managerial positions in the Administration of Tax Police of the Chief Administration for Fees and Income in the city of Kyiv, colonel of the tax police.

Research interests:

Financial system of Ukraine, optimization and improvement of the mechanism of activity of entities exercising financial system management;

Financial corruption as a factor of the economy decline, its causes and development of innovative approaches to combat it;

Tax fraud and economic crimes in official activities, development of new strategies for the prevention and investigation of financial crimes;  

He is the head of the research project on the topic: Improvement of administrative and legal mechanism of activity of law enforcement agencies that ensure the economic security of the state in terms of the integration process. His research works were published in many national journals.




          Secretary – Yuliya Yakushchenko, specialist of the Dean’s office of the Faculty of Law. She has Master’s Degree. She is fluent in English and German. She has onDaf Certificate level B2

The research working group consists of three groups of researchers, which were formed according to research interest areas.



Areas of research interests of the working groups:





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