Anatoliy  M. Kulish - Dean of the Faculty, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, a professor,  Doctor of Juridical Science.


Oleg M. Reznik - Deputy Dean for Scientific Work,   Candidate of legal sciences, Assistant Professor of the Department of AEREFS.


Lyudmila Y. Saiko - Deputy Dean for Informational and Educational Guidance Work, Assistant Professor of the Department of Law


Alina V. Goncharova - Deputy Dean for Foreign Affairs, Candidate of legal sciences Assistant Professor of the Department of AEREFS.


Katerina D. Yanishevska - Deputy Dean for Educational Work and Work in the dormitories,  Lecturer of the Department of Law

Svitlana O. Korzh - Deputy Dean for Sports,  Assistant Professor of the Sports Department


Svitlana  A. Grom - Specialist, II category

Yulia  M. Yakushchenko - Specialist, II category

The general structure of the Faculty of Law




Department administrative, economic rights and economic and financial security (AEREFS)

Adress: academic building (N), 3rd floor,   Rimsky-Korsakov Street 2, Sumy, 40007. Phone number: (0542) 33-70-94.

Department administrative, economic rights and economic and financial security (AEREFS) is a graduating department for the training of bachelors and masters at the Faculty of Law of SSU.

The department is headed by Mykhaylo M. Burbyka, Doctor of Law,  Associate Professor.

The main activities of the department of administrative, economic rights and economic and financial security are:

scientific research work;

educational and methodical work;

educational work;

organizational work.

The main task of the department is to meet the growing demand for training of specialists in the field of law, which have the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of their application.

In order to achieve the task next steps were made:

it was opened and organizationally and methodically provided functioning of such specialties as  "Law", "Management of financial and economic security", "Intellectual Property";

teaching staff comprises Doctors and Candidates of Legal sciences, History, graduates of leading universities of Ukraine and the best graduates of SSU;

contacts with employers for employment of graduates were installed and set up;

the program of the internship with the appointments in the administration of justice, the penitentiary service, public authorities, executive service, judicial administration, law enforcement agencies, enterprises and institutions was implemented;

conditions for continuing education graduates and other persons in the permanent postgraduate education in specialty 12.00.07 - administrative law and process; finance law; information law were created;

students can get the grade  title of reserve officer in the military department of the SSU.

Department`s staff

the Head of the Department of of Administrative, Economic Rights And Economic and Financial Security, Doctor of legal sciences, Associate Professor Mykhaylo M. Burbyka

Deputy Head of Department, Candidate of Legal Science, Anastasiia V. Solonar;

Candidate of Legal Science,Associate Professor Alyona M. Klochko

Candidate of Legal Science,Associate Professor Mykola I. Logvynenko

Candidate of Legal Science Alina V. Goncharova

Candidate of Legal Science,Associate Professor Volodymyr V. Pakhomov

Candidate of Legal Science Olena I. Kyselyova

Candidate of Legal Science Mariia V. Kolesnikova;

Candidate of Legal Science Oleg M. Reznik;

Candidate of Legal Science Viktoriia S. Shapiro.

Highly qualified specialists, Candidates of Legal Science  among  employees of  Prosecution Service, Enforcement Service , taxing authority,judicial administration are also involved in teaching theoretical and practical courses.  Practicals are also given in court room.

The sphere of graduates` activities  is work in the judicial system and law enforcement agencies, the departments of Justice, notary offices, and  the practice of advocacy and  training as a lawyer.

Teaching and guiding of Department administrative, economic rights and economic and financial security

The philosophy of the department is directed to the usage of modern teaching methods of legal disciplines to prepare highly qualified specialists in law. The main criterion is competence, responsible civic-mindedness, a high level of business ethics and all-round development of students.

According to these criteria, academic staff :

ensures the development of learning and teaching support of learned courses;

implements interactive teaching methods (business games, a model of  session of court, debates, etc.) in academic activities;

ensures the development and continuous updating of teaching materials,          course of lectures, practical guides, teaching methods of disciplines;

studies ways and means of upgrading the classes.


Research and evaluation of Department administrative, economic rights and economic and financial security

Research work of department is based on complex scientific theme "Elements of administrative and criminal law in labour law relations." There are also scientific research of problematics the results of which are shown in the textbooks, research papers and dissertations.

The department teaches postgraduate students and applicants with a degree in 12.00.07 - administrative law and process; finance law; information law.

Scientific articles of teaching staff are published on the pages of authoritative national and foreign professional publications, including accounted database Scopus. Subject matter of publications is focused on the high-profile issues of modern development of legal science.

Student Research Society was created to expand opportunities for extracurricular communication and research work of lecturers and students in the department. Its members

actively take part in scientific and practical conferences, which are held both inside and outside university,

are engaged in research work, including participation in competitions of scientific research;

take part in competitions in legal disciplines in the university as well as at the national level;

publish scientific papers in collaboration with the lecturer.