Financial and economic security management

Qualifications: professional in financial and economic security
Duration of training – 1,5 years
Form of study: full-time

The admission for the master study program “Financial and economic security management”  is provided for citizens of Ukraine who have basic (bachelor’s degree) or complete higher education (EPL of specialist, master`s degree). Entrance examinations: The State and Law Foundations; Foreign Language

Throughout the program, students receive thorough training on the fundamentals of Ukraine’s national security, organization and management of financial and economic security, organization of information-analytical security, competitive intelligence, corporate conflicts (raid) and methods to overcome them, modern methods of providing the safety personnel, management of the protection of trade secrets, organization and management of property and personal safety and so on.

Master’s degree in financial and economic security management is the specialist of top managers who can:
• develop a security strategy of the company and its divisions, create a program of enterprise development;
• develop plans and programs of ensuring safety in the various activities and implement operational cover in these systems;
• together with other experts prepare the necessary calculations, analyzes and economic justification of the developed projects, ideas and plans of the company activity and its security.
According to the National Classifier of professions and approved industry standards of higher education in the specialty 8.000015 ” Financial and economic security management ” graduates can take the following offices: professional in financial and economic security, professional in corporate governance, compliance officer of bank (bank affiliate, other financial institution), an expert in foreign issues, economic advisor, consultant on economic issues, an expert in economic and financial security, expert in organization of property and personal safety and so on.
Also graduates of ” Financial and economic security management ” have the right to hold office of manager, director, his deputy, manager of affiliate or other structural unit – the subject of security activity (apply for licenses to provide the protection of state and other property and the  provision of services for protection citizens), hold an appropriate offices in the departments of security banks and financial institutions of Ukraine.

  • form groups and ensure their effective functioning, using informal methods of management, prevent conflicts;
  • create and control the activities of the operating system of production and marketing management, to ensure the safety of these systems;



The admission for master`s degree in the specialty “Intellectual Property” was announced

On the basis of bachelor’s degree of any specialty

Duration of training – one and half year, the cost of training – 16 000 UAH for the entire period of study

All the achievements of civilization around us is the result of intellectual activity of mankind.
The era of active intellect started, so intellectual work brings not only the result of human brain activity, it is now the object of market relations. Today intellectual property is crucial in the development of society in general and business sphere in particular. Intellectual property is the result of creative intellectual activity of one or more persons. Intellectual property include: literary, artistic and scientific works, artists performances, sound recordings, radio and television broadcasts, inventions, scientific discoveries; industrial designs, trademarks, service marks, trade names and commercial designations. Intellectual property rights are established in the Constitution of Ukraine. Today the intellectual property is also protected by the Civil, Criminal, Customs and Commercial Codes of Ukraine. Intellectual property is recognized by the international community. In the world there is a system of international protection of intellectual property international documents were adopted and signed by our state. The intellectual property system is the only one in the whole world. An author, inventor, manufacturer require experts who could carry out registration of intellectual property and help to get a patent or certificate for the trade mark. They also need the patent to be profitable. A specialist in intellectual property carries out all stages of commercialization of the object, determines its value, helps to promote it on the goods and services market and to maintain the patent in force.
Besides, in cases of violation of intellectual property one should take measures to protect legitimate interests or even go to the Court.
An expert in this field has to define the offense, make petition and calculate the amount of compensation. Ukraine needs specialists who would be competent to protect authors from obstacles and help entrepreneurs to get worth profit. Faculty of law offers the training of specialists in intellectual property, who clearly orientate in the regulation of law, know the procedure and specifics of copyright and industrial property. Welcome the bachelors of any specialty!