V.M.Vlasenko, associate professor, worked with foundations of archives and libraries of Bulgaria, Russia, Serbia, Croatia and Czech Republic.A number of unique documents from foreign archival institutions was introduced in scientific circulation.

Academic staff is also maintained contacts with the Ukrainian diaspora.

During his visit to Bulgaria in March 2010 Valeriy Vlasenko met with representatives of Ukrainian community in Bulgaria, Vasyl Zhukivskiy.

The site of the Ukrainian community in Bulgaria, “Bulgarian Ukrainian news” posted an article about an associate professor V.M.Vlasenko and its scientific activities. (


In 2010-2013 during his trips abroad associate professor, V.M.Vlasenko lectured the history of Ukraine for students of Ukrainian Studies in University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski”(Bulgaria) and the University of Belgrade (Serbia).

Presentations of SSU scientific publications published with the participation of the Department of History Academic staff were organized abroad.

The international conference, which was attended by teachers of the department:

III International historical and medical Conference (Sumy, 2007, SSU, V.N.Vlasenko, S.I.Degtyarev, L.A.Sachenko)

III International Scientific Conference “Ukrainian diaspora: historical search,emigration phenomena, cultural and artistic achievements, functioning of scientific institutions” (Nizhyn, 2007, Nizhyn State University). Co-chairs of the section “Prominent figures and institutions in the Diaspora” were V.M.Vlasenko (Ukraine) and M.Traysta (Romania).

III International Conference “Ukrainian Diaspora: Problems of research” (Ostrog, 2008, V.M.Vlasenko).

“World Justice of Russia: Theory and Practice “(to the 140th anniversary from the date of introduction of the institute of world judges in the Stavropol region) (Stavropol, 2008, S.I.Degtyarev).

“”Russian-Belarusian-Ukrainian border: problems of formation of a unified cultural space – History and Prospects” (Bryansk, 2008, Ivan Petrovsky Bryansk State University , S.I.Degtyarev).

“”South of Russia and Ukraine in the past and the present: history, economy, culture” (Belgorod, 2009, Belgorod State University, S.I.Degtyarev).

“Regional studies and teacher – 2009” (Kharkov, 2009, H.S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University, V.B.Zvahelskyy, N.A.Nimenko).

“State and Law: Problems of Establishment and Development Strategy” (Sumy, 2009, Sumy branch of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs, V.A.Nesterenko, V.A.Klimenko, S.I.Degtyarev, E.V.Hlushan) .

International Conference “Sources of local history: research methods, problems of interpretation, popularization” (Kyiv, 2009, V.M.Vlasenko).

International scientific conference “Ukraine in European civilization process: problems of social and intellectual history” (2009, S.I.Degtyarev)

VIII International Symposium on the problems of agrarian history (Cherkasy, 2010, V.M.Vlasenko).

VI International Conference “Drahomanov Studios” (Sofia, Bulgaria, 2011, V.M.Vlasenko).

III Volyn International Conference of Local History (Zhytomyr, 2010, S.I.Degtyarev).

International scientific conference “Ukraine’s legal system in the light of current active processes of Reformation” (Kyiv, 2010, S.I.Degtyarev).

III International Conference “South Ukraine: etnoistorychnyy, linguistic, cultural and religious dimensions” (Odessa, 2011, S.I.Degtyarev).

International scientific conference dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the historic scientific journal “Memory of the century” (2011, S.I.Degtyarev)

III International Scientific Conference “Innovation as a factor of social development: Theory and Practice” (2012, S.I.Degtyarev).

International scientific-practical conference “The international cooperative movement: genesis and development trends” (Poltava, 2012, V.M.Vlasenko).

International Conference “The importance of small linguistic, literary, cultural and historical traditions” (Novi Sady, Serbia, 2012, V.M.Vlasenko)

International scientific-practical conference “Historical and cultural heritage of Dnieper Left Bank, Kursk Poseymya and Slobodian region: Past and Present” (Hluchiv, 2012, N.V.Lobko).

International scientific conference “”Legal policy and modernization of the state”” (Pyatygorsk, Russia, 2012,  S.I.Degtyarev)

International Conference “VII Drynovski reading” (to the 175th anniversary of the birth of Professor Maryna Drynova) (Kharkov, 2013, V.M.Vlasenko).

The following works of teachers were published abroad:

V.M.Vlasenko. Sergey Timoshenko in the field of architecture and policies // Ridna Mowa. – Walch, 2006. – №14 (The Internet version).

V.M.Vlasenko. Chairman of the Ukrainian Society of the League of Nations in Bucharest (To the 135 anniversary of the birth of Konstya Matsievich) // RidnaMowa / Mother tongue. – Wałcz, 2007. – № 9. – P.78-83.

V.M.Vlasenko, S.V.Borodayevskyy: strokes of biography (to 135-th anniversary of the birth) // Ridna Mowa. – Walch, 2007. – № 5. – P.128-133.

V.M.Vlasenko. Kost Matsievich and Ukrainian Republican and Democratic Club in Prague // Ridna Mowa. – Walch, 2007. – № 7. – P.60-67.

S.I.Degtyaryov. Concerning the Abolition of county courts in Kursk province (based on the fund of  Putivl County Court) // World Justice in Russia: problems of theory and practice (to the 140th anniversary from the date of introduction of the institute of world judges in the Stavropol Territory): Proceedings of the All-Russian scientific-practical conference (20-21 November). – Stavropol: Publishing house of Saratov State University, 2008. – Р.54-58.

S.I.Degtyarev. Materials of Putivl district court as a historical source (folowing to State Archives of Sumy region) // South of Russia and Ukraine in the past and the present: history, economy, culture: Sat. scientific. tr. V Intern. scientific. Conf. / Ed. I.T.Shatohin (Belgorod, 23-24 January 2009). – Belgorod: Publishing house of  BSU, 2009. – P.110-111.

S.I.Degtyaryov. The litigation between A.K.Razumovskim and M.M.Ahmatovym of mill (based on the State Archives of Sumy region) // Russian-Belarusian-Ukrainian border: problems of formation of a unified cultural space – History and Prospects: Materials of the international scientific-practical conference. – Bryansk LLC “Ladomir”, 2008. – P.46-48.

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V.M.Vlasenko. Shevchenko holidays of Ukrainian  interwar emigration in Yugoslavia (based on the Paris weekly “Trident”) /  V.M.Vlasenko // The importance of small linguistic, literary, cultural and historical traditions: Proceedings. – Novi Sad: Faculty of Philosophy, 2012. – P. 95-105.

V.M.Vlasenko From the history of the  M.Drahomanov monument in Sofia / V.M. Vlasenko // Buldarian Ukrainian Science. -Sofyya, 2012. – Breuil 2. – P. 126-135.

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V.M.Vlasenko. Book Review: Materials of the fourth and fifth conferences “Drahomanov studio” / Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Embassy of Ukraine in Bulgaria, Society “Mother Ukraine,” Ukrainian Sunday school. Sofia, 2011. 100 pp. / V.M.Vlasenko. // Drynovskyy collection. Harkov Sofia, 2012. – T. V. – P. 450-452.

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