Cooperation with foreign partners in the education field is one of the priorities of the International Law Department. The teaching staff of the department, along with the students actively participate in international scientific conferences and published in foreign journals with research paper and scientific articles.

In 2011, during the visit  were established business contacts with the University of. Miskolc (Hungary), the International Institute of Entrepreneurship and Law (Czech Republic) and other foreign universities.

In the faculty of law there are English courses, also for students from another faculties. We established group of students, which consist only foreigners( students from Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Congo). Students are studied in Russian. So, in July 2012., Ph.D. Klochko AM  were at the work probation in Eastbourne in program Study and Vacation (UK), and received a diploma Windsor Education Services. In the summer of 2012-2013 students of law faculty improved their knowledge of the English language in the United States, taking part in the summer program Work and Travel.

In order to develop international ties for 2011-2013 faculty lecturers PhD Klochko AM, and Baranova AV, with students taking part in
Ukrainian forum of educational opportunities «Step4Education», where they discussed cooperation with the University of Maria Curie-Skladovskaya (m. Lublin, Poland). In December, 2011 teachers of the faculty Klochko AM and Assoc. Khvorost OO participating in the Third International Forum on Intellectual Property «Expopriority’2011» (Russian Federation) and discussed issues of cooperation with the Faculty of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva, Switzerland). Assoc. Khvorost OO have  a certificate of training WIPO Worldwide Academy World Intellectual Property Organization.

Since  2012-2013rr. Sumy State University is an active member of the international scientific – educational grant programs and projects for faculty, staff and students. Law faculty of SSU is considering participation in the EU program Erasmus Mundus EMINENCE (Erasmus Mundus – Integration of Neighbouring EasterN Regions through Cooperation in Higher Education («Integration neighboring Eastern European regions through cooperation in higher education”) for teachers and students. In April the first Student (Utkina Marina 2013 have been prepared to participate in the selection for study at one of the universities of England (m. Leeds), she successful passed selection and has been approved by the British side as the best candidate for master’s study program. About participation of teachers, we established contact with Professor Paul-Henri Steinauer (Av. De Beauregard 111700 Fribourg), Dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of Fribourg (Switzerland), which invites for training graduate students, and person working for doctor’s degree by the program Erasmus Mundus. Also there are open question for teachers to obtain a certificate confirming sufficient level of English. In cooperation with Russian and Hungarian universities launched by continuing to work towards the conclusion of agreements on bilateral relations, and mutual participation in scientific and practical conferences.

In the 2014-2015 Planned signing of a cooperation agreement with the Gomel State University named after Skorina, Gdansk University (Poland), University of Turin (Italy). Currently correspondence is active on the contract. We conduct the census on possible cooperation with Associate Professor William de Soto (University of Texas, USA). Teachers and students participating in international conferences, they publicate of abstracts and obtaining the appropriate certificates.

The teachers of the Faculty of Law was published about 10 scientific articles in professional journals of foreign countries (Kulish, AM, MM Burbyka, Logvynenko MI, AV Goncharov, Klochko AM, Baranov AV, OV Ilchenko, Solonar AV and others. Lecturer) and publications in relevant journals Scopus.

In April 2014 was held an international Internet conference at the Faculty of Law “Personality, Society, STATE: current and passed problems.” n June 2014 was held International conference of labor law at the Faculty of Law.
Teachers Faculty (MM Burbyka, Vlasenko VM) is a lecturer at leading foreign universities.
In the 2013-2014 approved Specialisations of academic mobility programs “Civil Law”, “Criminal Law”.
As of September 2014. contacted on academic mobility:
• Warsaw University (Poland);
• University of Helsinki (Finland);
• University of Turin (Italy);
• University of Oslo (Norway);
• Panyevopeyskyy University (Bratislava);
• University. Leeds (UK).

In the 2014-2015  we preparing documents for the three law students for Erasmus Mundus. Since October 2014 PhD student of the law faculty Ivanenko DD academic mobility program Erasmus Mundus university studies in Germany (study period – 10 months.).
In November 2014 scheduled online lecture by associate professor of civil law at the Belarus Republic’s Presidential Academy of management Marina Andriyashko.