The activity of the faculty


The director of the law institute:

The Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, Doctor of Laws, Professor –

Kulish Anatoly Mykolayovych

An academic activity is provided by five departments:

Educational forms: full-time, part-time, distance, dual.

The training of lawyers is carried out on Bachelor’s, Specialist, Master Degrees. Those who wish can continue their education in the graduate school (full-time and distance learning), and in the doctorate school.

There are 30 members of academic staff work on the Law faculty, 17 of them have scientific degrees and academic titles of Doctor of Science – 3, Professor – 1, Doctor of Science, Associate Professor – 2.

The law institute is:

  • guaranteed 100% of employment;
  • Highly qualified instructors who have practical work experience;
  • Specialization: Land Law, Medical Law, International Law;
  • The possibility of getting a profession “security guard”;
  • Participation in competitions, research-to-practice conferences in Ukraine and abroad;
  • The apprenticeship in the Head Department of Justice of Sumy region, Ltd. “Sumyteploenerho”, in the territorial administration of the state judicial administration in Sumy region, Sumy State University legal clinic;
  • Computer classes with connection to the legal databases, modern multimedia lecture halls;
  • Driving license of “B” category and the security guard’s license.

The law institute prepares:

  • Bachelors with a specialization in Law – licensed number of 120 people, including 16 places – state order;
  • The specialist with a specialization in Law – licensed number of 20 people;
  • Masters in the specialty – of Law – licensed number of 50 people, including 10 places – state order;
  • Masters with a specialization in Management of financial and economic security – licensed number of 25 people, including 4 places – state order;
  • Masters with a specialization in Intellectual property – licensed number 25 people, including 7 places – state order

Shift from other educational institution (or renewal):

Anybody who wants to shift to or to renew the studying at the Faculty of Law, with a specialization in Law are taken on the II course in any specialty (despite the direction of the previous place of study), providing the elimination of academic differences.

Anyone who has a diploma of junior specialist with the specialization in Law is taken to the III course with Bachelor’s Degree.

The recruitment of entrants is carried out on the first course with the following specializations:

The Law (specialist);

The Law (Master);

The Management of financial and economic security (Master);

The Intellectual property (Master).