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«The first step into the science» for 1-2 year students of Faculty of Law

29 September on Faculty of Law was passed a scientific conference «The first step into the science». First and second year students were acquainted with special fetures of scientific life. They got to know about different projects and grants, in which SSU takes part.Students were motivated to work in scientific sphere and after finishing the conference had an opportunity to choose the direction of further work and show the desire to enter the Scinetific community of students, postgraduate students, Ph.D. candidates and young scientists of Sumy State University. (more…)


Participation students of faculty of Law in tourist gathering

20.09.2015 was passed a tourist gathering among the student-activists of the first academic year in Basy stow. Member of student self-government of Faculty of Law satisfied jury in their agility, quickness and endurance among activists of other faculties. Young men and girls represented their team in competition «Visiting Card», where was heard a song «I`m in love with my own Faculty of Law»! Competiton continued with relay races «Travel Streak» and then «Trim Trail». Competition «Tug-og-war» became the gathering highlight , where was showed a team spirit of Faculty of Law. Also it`s good to mention a delicious cook`s porridge. At the end of the party participants got tasty encouragements and charters which will lay foundation of new sport achievements. Thanks for organizers, participants and fans!!! (more…)


Attention to Faculty of Law students!

09.09.2015 at 12:45 at lecture hall N-316 takes place a electoral conference of Faculty of Law students concerning the confirmation of delegate list to election of SSU rector. Conference delegates need to have a document which proves the identity of the student.

10.09.2015 at lecture hall N-317 takes place a voting concerning the election of representatives among students for participation  in election of SSU rector.

Voting place will work from 8:00 till 18:00.

It will be secret voting. Participating in voting are able to the students of Faculty of Law of diurnal mode of studying. For participation you have to present a document which proves the identity of the student(Student Membership Card, Grade book or certificate from dean`s office). (more…)



For 3th year students the beginning of lessons on Department of military training in the 2015/2016 academic years:

from 08.09.2015 (for FEM, FFPSC and FL) atthe day of military training. Meeting place at 8:00 on the CCO №1. (more…)


Victory on the competition of RW in Laws

Took place a final stage of all-Ukrainian competition of student research works in Laws in 2014/2015 a.y., which was held at Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University.

The second round was attended by 213 stiudent works of 59 country`s HEE. By the results of exterior review 122 works were recommended for protection. The SSU Faculty of Law was represented by 12 students, according to the results of competition prize places was won by 4 students.

Second place Nadiya Andriychenko (scientific supervisor Cand.Sc. O.V. Ilchenko) and Semenova Anastasiya (scientific supervisor Cand.Sc. O.I.Kusel`ova);

Third place Yevgeniya Ignatenko (scientific supervisor Cand.Sc. V.V. Pahomov) and Anna Digtyar (scientific supervisor Cand.Sc. M.I. Logvinenko).

Practically according to the number of prize places faculty got down the third place in Ukraine after Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University and National University «Odessa Law Academy». (more…)

Kisloshchaeva Marina


September 30 2015 was carried out solemn rewarding grant holders of the head of Sumy Regional State Aministration. It will be gained by 5 students of Sumy State University.

Faculty of Law congratulates 4th year student of U-24 group Maryna Kysloshchaeva with gaining this grant.

Wish you further achievements in training, scientific and creative work! (more…)


The week of right

Every October for the Jurist Day it is passed a week of right in which Faculty of Law actively participates. This year was not an exclusion. Students, members of Law clinic, and faculty lecturers carried out meetings, trainings and lecture-conversations according to the law thematics at city schools and Sumy college of food industry. Once again students visited court hearing at Kovpakivskiy District Court in Sumy. Also traditionally became the game of  Legal Brain – ring for school`s and high school`s pupils which was passed at literature siting room of SSU Library. Despite the foul weather outside game was passed in warm and emotional atmosphere. Before the game pupils watched the film about Faculty of Law. During stiff fight 1 place was won by the team «Champions» from GES №21, 2 place was won by the team «Erudite» from GES №9, 3 place – «Vivat lex» GES №10. Winners got charters and cakes, and all other participants got sweet presents and load of positive impressions. (more…)


Organazing meeting for 1st year students of Faculty of Law

August 28, 2014 Faculty of Law of SSU welcomed their 1st year students. 82 future jurists joined to the great FL family. The dean Ph.D. of Laws professor A.M. Kulish enounced them his own sincere greetings concerning the line reinforcement of student community of our faculty. PP of student`s dean Maryna Utkina introduced the body of student`s self-government.

1st year students were acquainted with faculty administration, dean`s office and department lecturers, it was announced the lists of groups, course leaders and curators. (more…)


Attention!!! Enrolment students on senior courses!!!

Master`s degree programs!

Financial Economic Security Management

Qualification: professional in Financial Economic Security

Term of apprenticeship – 1,5 years

Admited ukranian passport holders, who have basic (bachelor degree) or complete higher education(doctor of master degrees).

Entrance examinations: The basic of State and Right, Foreigh Language.

Intellectual property

Term of apprenticeship – 1year

On studying at master`s degree program «Intellectual Property» admited ukranian passport holders, who have basic (bachelor degree) or complete higher education(doctor of master degrees).

Entrance examinations: The basic of State and Right, Foreigh Language.


Term of apprenticeship – 1 year

Admited ukranian passport holders, who have basic (bachelor degree) or complete higher education(doctor of master degrees).

Entrance examinations: Foreigh Language.

Jurisprudence in EQL of specialist

Term of apprenticeship – 1 year

Admited ukranian passport holders, who have basic (bachelor degree)  in Laws.

There is a possibility to study on public order in all areas.

Admission of applications and documents, entrance examinations, competitive selection and enterants enrolment for education based on basic and complete higher education to get a EQL of doctor and master degrees realizes in such periods:

  • admission of applications and documents
  • entrance examinations
  • promulgation of rating list of entrants
  • enrollment
  • from June 16 till July 15;
  • from July 16 till July 31;
  • not later than August 1;
  • not later than August 26.

Apply to address:

Sumy city, Rumskogo-Korsakova St., 2, N building, room 304(second floor).

Telephone number: (0542) 33 70 94, 68 77 38.