Congratulations on your victory!

In the open championship of Ukraine in athletics in Lutsk student training and research Institute of law Ihor Bodrov won first place in run on hundred metres and became the champion of Ukraine. (more…)


Participation students of faculty of Law in tourist gathering

20.09.2015 was passed a tourist gathering among the student-activists of the first academic year in Basy stow. Member of student self-government of Faculty of Law satisfied jury in their agility, quickness and endurance among activists of other faculties. Young men and girls represented their team in competition «Visiting Card», where was heard a song «I`m in love with my own Faculty of Law»! Competiton continued with relay races «Travel Streak» and then «Trim Trail». Competition «Tug-og-war» became the gathering highlight , where was showed a team spirit of Faculty of Law. Also it`s good to mention a delicious cook`s porridge. At the end of the party participants got tasty encouragements and charters which will lay foundation of new sport achievements. Thanks for organizers, participants and fans!!! (more…)


Victory on the competition of RW in Laws

Took place a final stage of all-Ukrainian competition of student research works in Laws in 2014/2015 a.y., which was held at Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University.

The second round was attended by 213 stiudent works of 59 country`s HEE. By the results of exterior review 122 works were recommended for protection. The SSU Faculty of Law was represented by 12 students, according to the results of competition prize places was won by 4 students.

Second place Nadiya Andriychenko (scientific supervisor Cand.Sc. O.V. Ilchenko) and Semenova Anastasiya (scientific supervisor Cand.Sc. O.I.Kusel`ova);

Third place Yevgeniya Ignatenko (scientific supervisor Cand.Sc. V.V. Pahomov) and Anna Digtyar (scientific supervisor Cand.Sc. M.I. Logvinenko).

Practically according to the number of prize places faculty got down the third place in Ukraine after Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University and National University «Odessa Law Academy». (more…)

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First-year student of SSU – judo champion of Ukraine

A student of SSU Bogdan Yadov won the gold medal at the judo championship of Ukraine. He beat 24 other participants in the weight category up to 66 kg.

Competitions were held Nov. 19-21 in Lutsk. Overall, over  270 athletes from 23 regions go out.

Sumy State University congratulates student of Law Faculty Bogdan Yadov and wishes new and  bright victories!



We congratulate student of the V course Yulia Fedotova with second place in the freestyle wrestling competition program XIV Regional competition of the universities III-IV accreditation. We wish new victories and success! (more…)


Law-student became vice-champion of the Youth Olympic Games

1st year student of Law Faculty Yadov Bogdan won a silver medal for the second Youth Olympic Games taking place 16-28 August in Nanjing (China). President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine Serhiy Bubka, who attended the speech victorious vice-champion Bogdan greeted with great achievement. Faculty also joined the congratulations and wishes of new sporting achievements and victories! (more…)

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The competition of scientific research works of Intellectual property

In Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv was the final stage of All-Ukrainian competition of research works of students in the field of Intellectual property, which was attended by 61 participants from 31 universities of Ukraine.

Serhii Klochko (supervisor- the Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, Doctor of Juridical Science, Professor A. M. Kulish) with work on the theme: “Accountability for plagiarism” worthily presented the Faculty of Law of Sumy State University. The student took in a result of participation in the contest second place.

We congratulate Sergiy with the victory and wish new achievements in the scientific field. (more…)


Students’ achievements

Five students of Sumy State University became the Chairman scholars of the of Regional State Administration. The solemn ceremony was hold on the 19th of September.

Elena Gyrkina, the 5 year student of the Faculty of Law receives The Regional State Administration head scholarship during the school year. She has excellent marks,  is the winner of the scientific works competition, is engaged in social work, participates in the students’ government.

In general the Regional State Administration head scholars became 40 students from 27 higher state educational establishments of I-ІV accreditation level.
The Sumy State University congratulates the scholar and wishes further intellectual development and great success!



The FL students participated in the Legal Assembly

The Faculty of law students took part in the 5th Legal Assembly of the Students League of Ukrainian Lawyers Association. During the 24-26th of  April 2015 the 3rd year students Kysloshchaeva Maryna and Iryna Zimoglyad participated on the rights of the delegates from Sumy branch of Students League of ULA in the 5th Legal Assembly.

Kysloshchaeva Maryna, being a Chairman of Sumy branch of Students League of ULA since 2015, has reported the results of her activities. The report was found to be satisfactory. (more…)

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Victory in the students’ research contest of Legal Sciences

In 2014/2015 the final stage of all-Ukrainian competition of students’ research papers in Legal Sciences was held in National Law University named after Yaroslav The Wise.

In general 213 students’ works from 59 universities took place in the II tour. According to the external review only 122 papers were recommended for defence. SSU the Faculty of Law was represented by 12 students, and 4 of them contested prizes (more…)