Postgraduate studying entrance

Admission regulations to the postgraduate studies

To postgraduate studies on a competitive basis adopted persons with higher education and qualification of specialist or master.

Training of specialists of higher qualification through postgraduate studying on distance and on the job by specialties:

Juridical Sciences:

12.00.07 – administrative law and process; finance law; information law

Duration of postgraduate studying  on distance – three years on the job – four years.


Applicants to graduate study submit to the rector of the University the following documents:

  1. application;
  2. personal record card;
  3. The list of published scientific works and inventions. Applicants who have no published scientific works and inventions submit scientific reports (abstracts) in chosen specialty;
  4. medicalhealth certificateformnumber086;
  5. copy of diploma of graduation with a copy of the transcript of records (Diploma Supplement) certified in the personnel department at the place of work;
  6. the certificate of candidate examinations (if stacked candidate examinations).

Passport and diploma of higher education submitted in person by entrants.

Documents are accepted from applicants of the 20th of August to the 10th of September.


Postgraduate training is carried out:

  1. from:
  • State budget of Ukraine – for public order to work in the public sector of the economy;
  • funds of legalentities and individuals -to the contract- to workin the public andprivate sectorsof the economy;
  1. Foreigners andstateless persons on thebasis of:
  • international agreements of Ukraine;
  • national programs;
  • agreements entered universities, scientific institutions and legal entities and individuals.

Applicants in postgraduate study take entrance exams in the specialty, philosophy, foreign and Ukrainian language (for professional purposes).

In case of receipt identical marks preference in admission in postgraduate study have applicants recommended for introduction into postgraduate study by the academic council of higher educational institution (faculty) who successfully complete the master’s degree and passed all or some candidate examinations.

The decision on admission to the entrance exams in postgraduate study is made by selection committee on the interview results, review the paper and presented scientific works considering the written conclusion of intended research advisor.


Contact information

Postgraduate and doctoral sudying department

Head of department: Zaloha Olha Hryhorivna

Address: 40007,2  Rymskoho-Korsakov st., Sumy

Locations: The SSU Main Building, 5th floor, room 501

Phone: (+ 38-0542) 33-53-45